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I spent today mainly in a online-only workshop for the Electron-Ion Collider, a new (and partly funded) accelerator project to be hosted by Brookhaven National Accelerator Laboratory in the U.S. I’m just listening and learning right now, but I am trying to get thinking about heavy flavor measurements with such a machine (which, as the name implies, will collide electrons and either protons or nuclei) and especially with the detectors that might be built for this machine.

Right now, I am just listening and learning.

Part of the day was also spent working with a colleague to discuss strategies for deploying exams for large introductory classes, and doing so online in a way that doesn’t create a huge burden for everyone, while discouraging cheating.

All of this I am doing from my home office, pictured above. The microphone stand is a recent addition, the light ring a brand new addition (to help with front-lighting me during meetings so that the window lighting doesn’t overwhelm the camera), and the rest is a recent rearrangement of my cluttered home office. Since I am working out of this thing 9 hours a day, I decided to get it cleaned up and better for thinking.

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