Sign the petition: no platform for anti-vaccination message on American Airlines


American Airlines is planning to run an anti-vaccination message from the Australian Vaccination Network, AVN. AVN is a mis-leadingly named organization that promotes the discredited link between vaccines and autism, among other anti-scientific nonsense. They claim there is scientific debate about the dangers of vaccines (there is no such debate) and also claim [1] that vaccines don’t work anyway, as evidenced by the rising rates of measles and whooping cough (these outbreaks have been overwhelmingly, >85%, linked to UNVACCINATED individuals [2]).

A petition has been created, with a goal of 1500 signatories. The petition explains why this is a dangerous and irresponsible message to air on an intentional airline, and offers you the chance to sign so your voice is heard. I also recommend you send your own mail to American Airlines customer relations.

The petition:



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