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  • Lessons Learned: MythTV and the Comcast/Motorola DCT700

    Now that digital cable seems well under the control of sTeVo, my MythTV box [1], I thought it would be helpful to post some of my lessons learned in this process. Lesson 1: MythTV is robust and flexible. The dedicated team of MythTV developers have made an adaptable product. The fact that the software was […]

  • A microblogging experiment

    Microblogging, the act of writing just a few words about an observation or a thought, is becoming more popular. In and of itself, I’m not that thrilled about it. In a way, it’s just another cheap, short form of communication. However, most of the reason why I’ve avoided it is because existing microblogging options, like […]

  • Friends in frustration

    I found out on Friday that I am not the only one sending letters to the DNC about their choice to shut out the Linux community. A friend of mine told me she also sent a letter, and it sounded like it was a much more pointed statement than mine. I was curious if other […]

  • I’ve got an albatross ’round my neck

    I think every physicist should have rules they live by. Today, I am going to start to compile a list that applies to myself. Here is the first principle that I am going to live by from now on: Never do any physics after 5 pm on Friday Last night, I wrote a script that […]

  • Resolved

    Jodi and I have returned from vacation. It was a dramatic break. Naturally, the minute we left the state of California a big wind storm hit our area and knocked out power. Faithful readers will have noticed the lovely temporary webpage I had to setup for the site. Yahoo’s “small business” services, with which I […]

  • TWiT

    When I lived in Boston, I fell in love with TechTV. This coincided with the decline of TV for me and Jodi – we grew to realize that we liked, less and less, the crap you’re forced to buy on cable. In an era of “on demand” content, podcasts, and $0.99 songs on iTunes, the […]